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Andy Tensor, CA, LLB • VP, Ethics and Policy
PHOTO Mr. Tensor's financial and legal background has been key to successful patents filings over hte past 7 years.

Previously, he worked for several major consultancies including Arthur Anderson, Deloitte & Touche, and BDO Dunwoody. With professional degrees from the University of Toronto, Osgoode, and the University of Western Ontario, Mr. Tensor clerked under the Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. He continues to remain involved in the Bar Society of Upper Canada's Committee on Ethics.
Hector Meyer, CISSP, CISA • VP, IT
PHOTO Bionaxe's research and laboratories require the highest in cutting-edge security systems. Mr. Meyer is responsible for the continued performance of the IT, security, and audit departments. As Bionaxe's requirements for a secure work environment continue to exceed industry standards, Mr. Meyer

Mr. Meyer joined the British Bionaxe team in 1999 as part of the Panamanian space elevator design task force, relocating to Toronto to take on the VP role in 2003. He holds degrees in electrical engineering and computer science, and an advanced honours degree in IT security, from the University of York.
Cathy Wilson, CA, MBA, Ph.D. • VP, Finance
PHOTO Dr. Wilson heads all international financial and commercial operations, managing all funding requirements for ongoing research. Long time Bionaxe advisor and leader, Dr. Wilson worked closely with founder Jonathan Sterling to build the world's leading nanotechnology company. Her close association with the orignal Bionaxe research teams has made her one of the world's leading experts on nanotech research programmes.

Dr. Wilson holds advanced degrees from CalTech, Stanford, and Princeton University.
Toronto, Canada
July 1, 2007

Bionaxe, a research and development leader in Canada's nanotechnology industry is pleased to announce it has entered into a strategic alliance with EArnold Investment. Bionaxe and EArnold intend to research and develop advanced nanotechnology technologies for advanced consumer product lines.